Viewpoint: No Budget, No Pay

You have probably heard the old joke: Do you know how to make Congress work?

Easy---- put them on commission.

Well we may have a similar law soon.

Congressman Jack Kingston (GA-1) joined a bipartisan majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, voting for legislation that would withhold the pay of Members of Congress if they fail to pass a budget.

"It has been four years since the United States Senate passed a budget," said Kingston. "In that time, the national debt has increased by $5.3 trillion. With this runaway spending, we need both houses to pass a budget that explains their plan for our government.

'No Budget, No Pay' holds both the House and Senate accountable to the American people." We certainly agree!

"No Budget, No Pay" directs both the House and Senate to pass budget resolutions by April 15, 2013. If either fails to pass a budget in that time, members of that body would have their paychecks withheld until one is passed.

The bill passed with bipartisan support by a vote of 285-144. It must now be passed by the U.S. Senate before being sent to the President to be signed into law.

Businesses, families, states, and local governments are forced to craft a budget to live within their means, It is time for Washington to do the same.