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Americus cleans up from storm


There's a lot of cleanup going on all over south Georgia after that powerful line of storms swept across the state Wednesday night.

Folks in Americus are familiar with storm cleanup. That deadly tornado nearly six years ago caused tens of millions of dollars of damage.

Last night's damage wasn't nearly so widespread, but it did keep a lot of people busy.

People in Americus spent the day cleaning up debris in their yards, some they didn't even recognize.

"I don't have a pine tree in my yard, this came from, I think, a neighbors yard," says Patrick Duff, Homeowner.

The combination of high winds and rain brought down trees and power lines on Columbia Avenue in Americus.

"It sounded to me like a jet airplane, revving up it's motors to take off, just a sudden whoosh, and like I said I have lived here 16 years and I have never seen the trees move like they were, I warned my wife, I immediately told her to go downstairs and take cover," says Duff.

The wind only lasted a could of minutes but when he went to the window to see the damage, he was shocked by what he saw.

"Well my neighbors yard across the street it has been cleaned up some but there were several large like 14, 15 foot limbs down in his yard," says Duff.

His neighbors spent the day sawing those limbs into more manageable pieces.

"Started on clean up, cutting up big limbs, getting them where we can get out," says Cherilyn Guth, Homeowner.

This was one of the homes with roof damage from the strong winds.

"We had what they call wind shearing that came through so the shingles on the back side of our house are all standing straight up from when the wind hit it," says Guth.

Now they are looking at thousands of dollars in repairs.

"The roofer just said the best thing for us would be to get a new roof, which I think generally runs about $5,000 or $6,000 these days," says Guth.

While it will take some time and money to clean up what was damaged, neighbors say they are thankful no one was injured.

Strong winds knocked over hundreds of trees in Americus and many of them fell on top of homes or cars.

That made for a busy day for insurance agents.

Agents went from home to home off of Columbia Avenue and Valley Drive checking out the damage and making claims.

"We have been a little busier today, like I said I have had a bout a handful of claims this morning, and I have talked with some of the other agents around town and it has been about the same, a few claims here and there," says William Bailey, State Farm Agent.

Agents say that you should call your carrier about your storm damage as soon as it happens with as much information possible.

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Copyright 2013 WALB.  All rights reserved.


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