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Substantial wind damage caused by squall line

A huge pine tree blew over and hit the sofa Tim Bonner usually sits on to watch TV A huge pine tree blew over and hit the sofa Tim Bonner usually sits on to watch TV


Storm damage cleanup continues across South Georgia.

High winds from the fast moving cold front Wednesday night knocked down trees and damaged some buildings.

In Dougherty County the damage was scattered, and fortunately no one was hurt.

Tim Bonner and his family were out about 7 last night when the high winds blew the pine tree in his front yard right out of the ground. The tree limbs broke through the roof, the attic, into the den and through the sofa where they usually watch TV.

 Bonner said "Had I been here I'd have probably been sitting on that sofa where the limb came through. So very fortunate, very blessed."

The old pine tree had visible disease damage in the middle, that weakened the roots.

 Harper Tree Service owner Lee Harper said "We had those 50 mile per hour winds come through and this one tree we're looking at right here had a disease halfway up, and that caused the root system to rot out."

The home sustained water damage, as well as the roof damage.

In south Dougherty County on Nelms Road, Wright Turf Farm sustained the largest amount of damage in Dougherty County. The tin roofs on four farm buildings were ripped off by the high winds. The tin roofs were bent over in several sections. And more tin littered the turf fields for hundreds of yards.

A silo building was also ripped apart and moved by the winds.

More than a dozen trees were ripped out of the ground, toppled over. Several were snapped in half by the winds. The National Weather Service measured the wind gusts of up to 41 miles per hour.    BBut looking at the damage you would have thought it higher.

 Dougherty County Public Works Assistant Director Chucky Mathis said "Just straight winds, it looked like. It snapped off some trees, uprooted some others. Tore up a shed of course, what we saw over there. As I went around further, it look like it was going north. I didn't discover any other real damage."

A busy day of clean up for many people in Dougherty County, but the Wright Turf Farm one of the most visible victims.

That fallen tree at Tim Bonner's house is now gone, but he is faced with fixing the roof and inside his home. Lee Harper says it's a reminder to home owners to check the trees around your home for disease, and cut down problem trees before the spring storm season.

The owner of Wright Turf Farm was busy with cleanup today and did not want to talk to us about the damage.


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