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Burglars run rampant in Thomasville


Rug shops, delis, even vacant homes.

Investigators in Thomasville say any structure could be a target for burglars.

"We do not have a specific area of town where these burglaries are actually taking place at. It is rather throughout the city. So there is nowhere we can stick our thumb and say we are having more here than over here," said Lt. Eric Hampton.

The Thomasville Police Department is currently investigating more than 30 residential and business burglaries, just from the last month.

"The items of choice for these thieves are flat screen TVs, laptop computers, Wii games, or any other electronic item they may have found inside," said Hampton.

Investigators say they think the thieves are stealing items that they can turn around and sell either on the street, in a pawn shop, or online.

"So that's why we'd like to ask the citizens here in Thomasville, in the county, or anywhere who may have information or may have seen someone with televisions, flat screens, trying to sell them. We ask if you see this or have seen this to give us a call," said Hampton.

Investigators say these incidents are happening during all times of the day and night.

And law enforcers are asking the community to be their eyes and ears when they are not around.

"There's no information that's too small. Sometimes small information helps us solve big crimes," said Hampton.

If you know anything about any of the burglaries, call Thomasville Crimestoppers at 227-3305.


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