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Credit Card thieves rack up big tab


Debit card thieves went on a wild spending spree.

A Sylvester man realized his card was missing just a day after it disappeared, but that was plenty of time for crooks to rack up big bills.

"So far it looks like about $1,000 worth of stuff they've bought at different places," said Sylvester Police Investigator Kenneth Washington.

He says the victim left his card at the Sylvester Express Lane where it landed into the wrong hands.

"Immediately after that happened, they started using the card at the very same place he left it. Then they went down to the Sylvester Inn and rented a room," said Washington.

Surveillance video shot January 17th shows the suspect using the stolen card at Sonny's Package store in Cordele. He even signed the receipt.

They believe he and a second man wearing a large coat are behind the theft and racked up charges at Walmart in Cordele and Tifton.

"They have bought telephones at Walmart and phone cards," Washington said.

And a trail of receipts show the damage. The victim discovered the card was missing the following day but by that time the spending spree was in full swing.

"They knew a lot of things around here so it's possibly local people around in the area," Washington said.

Fortunately the victim's bank contacted him and alerted him about the charges. But because those illegal purchases were also made in Tifton and Cordele, police there are also looking for these guys

If you think you recognize them  call Sylvester Police at 776-8500.

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