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Latoya Posey is MTC GOAL winner


A South Georgia woman who has overcome a lot of obstacles has a chance to become the state ambassador for the Technical College System of Georgia.

Moultrie Technical College held its annual Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership banquet.

30 year old Latoya Posey is an exceptional student. She has a 4.0 GPA, always helps her classmates and always makes up her work, and will now compete for the state honor.

But she has an exceptional story as well, that goes to show anything is possible.

Students and faculty were recognized for going above and beyond the limit. But 30-year old LaToya Posey's story made a big impact on judges proving she was best fit to win.

"Latoya has a lot of reasons to complain, if she was a complainer," said Moultrie Tech CIS Instructor Pierre Rogers. "Every day is a sunny day when Latoya is around."

But she's not a complainer and her attitude made a big impact on her instructor, though her life has been full of thunderstorms. "She works at night she goes to class she gets her work done 4.0 student she is just a really unbelievable individual. That's why he nominated her for the award, and today she was chosen as the winner.

But it hasn't been easy. In 2005 she and her mother first enrolled in Moultrie Tech. " She was like 'You could be worth so much more if you go back to school with me,; so that's what i did," said Moultrie Tech Goal Winner Latoya Posey. But shortly after graduating together, her mother passed away. "It's kind of hard for me to talk about her because she was my strength while she was on earth.

But she somehow found enough strength needed to care of her two younger siblings. She also decided to go back to Moultrie Tech and advance her degree in Radiology by enrolling in the Computer Sciences program. "I'm attending Moultrie Tech at the main campus and also on the Tifton campus and I work in Lakeland and I live in Adel," said Posey.

To make matters worse, she was diagnosed with Lupus. But she says the most difficult part of her journey was when her son got sick. "Mr. Rogers just said 'push through it, 'so that's what I did," she said. In the meantime, she offers words of encouragement to others who may be going through their own difficult journey. "Never give up, never give up."

Posey is proof, that if you stick with it, you will eventually succeed. Her instructor about one thing that stood out most to him and he said it was the compassion and love she showed for her patients when she would tell him stories about working at the hospital.

Posey says she hopes to get a job in a hospital IT department after she earns her next degree.

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