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Albany Police warn Hispanic community about crime


A warning comes from Albany Police to the Hispanic community after a vicious robbery Sunday night left a Latino man battered and bruised. Police they often seen an increase in crimes against Latinos this time of year.

Investigators have little to go on in this latest attack. To men beat the victim with a large stick and robbed him Sunday. He doesn't know how long he'll have to miss work because of his injuries.

24 year old Diego Perez was in a lot of pain Monday morning when I talked with him. And I could understand why, he was beaten badly.

Diego Perez was still wearing the hospital scrubs he was given during his treatment. The back of his head is bloody and bruised where he was hit several times with a large stick by two men.

Perez said "One big one. One short. This guy had big stick and he hit me on my head."

Perez showed me the bruises on his bandaged arms, but he said he was fortunate because the Doctor at the hospital said his arm was not broken.

Perez said "Three times they him me. Two times over here. I put my hands over my head."

Perez said the two men beat him to the ground with the stick, and then stole his wallet, including his money and his Identification.

Albany Police are issuing a warning to the Hispanic community.

Media Manager Phyllis Banks said "We have had three incidents so far this year where Latino men were the victims."

Neighbors described Perez as "good people". Curtis Roberts said he was beaten and robbed in much the same way last year. He said he doesn't think the robbers targeted Perez because he is Hispanic.

Roberts said "No, not really. But if they see anybody they think they can take something, they will try. They will. I know this, yea."

Perez works at an East Albany restaurant, and said he had to stay home because he could not use his hands. He admits the attack has left him frightened.

Perez said "Yea, right now I'm scared. Scared." But he said he was not thinking about moving. Right now he just wants to rest and hope the pain from his wounds will ease.

Diego Perez says he was just outside when he was attacked. The only description he could give was two black men, one tall, and one short.

If you have any helpful tips, Albany Police hope you'll call CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS. 

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