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VSU student fires shotgun towards robber


Valdosta Police are looking for a gunman who tried to rob a Valdosta State University student at his off-campus apartment.

Police say the student's roommate grabbed a shotgun and scared the man away. He even fired a shot toward the gunman's car.

Tonight, VSU students more than a little worried.

Just two blocks away from VSU's campus, police say a student living in the Carron Oak Apartment complex was the target of an attempted armed robbery last night. 19-year-old Don Beard told police a man knocked on the door of his second story apartment, then pointed a gun at him.

"Mr. Beard, the only thing he said the guy told him was he pointed a gun and said 'don't move,'" said Lt. Aaron Kirk, VPD.

Police say Beard's roommate grabbed a shotgun and scared the man away. Beard told police he took the shotgun and fired it once towards the man's SUV as he was leaving the complex.

Brothers with the TKE fraternity who live right next door to the complex, say once they heard that gun shot they ran for cover and locked all the doors inside the house.

"I could see a guy standing and yell something and he picked up a shotgun and he cocked it and that's when we all ran inside and locked the doors because nobody wants to get shot," said VSU student, Tyler Watson.

Watson says all of the brothers in the fraternity were at the house last night for a chapter meeting. He's thankful no one was injured.

"Considering we were a good 50 feet away, I mean anyone of us could have got hurt. I'm just glad nobody got hurt and the cops showed up when they did and handled the situation," said Watson.

As of now police have no leads on the gunman and have not filed any charges. Beard says this incident makes him reconsider carrying a gun.

"It makes me feel like I should get one if stuff like this is happening so I can protect myself."

No one inside the complex was injured during the shooting.

Valdosta Police say that gunman is black, about 6 feet 3 inches tall, and heavy set.

If you have any information, Valdosta Police ask you to call 299-293-3145.

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