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Former Lee County Commissioner files suit against credit union


Former Lee County Commissioner Ida Chambers is suing the DOCO credit union for allowing her son to take loans against her property.

The 90 year old Chambers claims that Bill Chambers, Jr. took out loans of more than one and a half million dollars using 12 properties in Crisp and Lee Counties as collateral.

The lawsuit claims those properties were held in trust or estates by several members of the Chambers family, and were not solely owned by Bill Chambers.

He used the money in a failed attempt to save his used car business. When Chambers defaulted on the loans, DOCO foreclosed on the properties. The suit states that DOCO should have known Bill Chambers did not have clear ownership of the property, and should not have made the loans. 

"Ms. Ida just wants back what was rightly hers," said Chambers' attorney Chris Cohilas.  "She'll live with any decision that is rendered by a court. We just want our fair day in court and to be heard."

The suit is filed by Ida Chambers and her daughter-in-law Cheryl, who is married to Bill Chambers, Jr.

The suit is seeking the return of the properties, punitive damages, and attorney fees. DOCO Credit Union officials declined to comment on the suit, because it is pending litigation.

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