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Albany ARC celebrates 50th birthday


You wouldn't know 50-year-old Randy Craft was born with hydrocephalus. His happy-go-lucky spirit and outgoing personality always take center stage. But for years his mother, Olive, relied heavily on one Albany organization to make sure Randy had all the things a child without his condition could have.

"In 1964 a friends told me about arc and I joined the organization and have been a volunteer and board member through the years," says Olive Craft.

Craft says the Albany Advocacy Resource Center was the only program at the time that could help her and her family deal with the everyday struggles of living with a disabled child.

"It was the only program for developmental disabled children that was all day and it was an integrated program which was very innovative at that time."

And Friday morning, she, along with many of volunteers, members, and clients thanked the center for the major impact they've made over the past 50 years.

"I'm just so thankful and I pray for many more birthdays, many more 50th anniversaries for ARC. Because they are well meaning organization who makes a big impact in this city," says Janice Route Blaylock, aunt of a disabled child.

Members say they hope to continue those efforts through the years.

Since 1963, ARC has been dedicated to making sure families had all the available resources they need.

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