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Investigators seek origin of stolen gun


Investigators in Thomasville are trying to trace a stolen gun they seized during a DUI stop.

Officers stopped 50-year old Daren Revels around midnight at the corner of East Walcott and Sunnyland Court for failure to maintain lane. They then arrested him for driving under the influence of alcohol.

During the traffic stop, the officer noticed a gun.

Investigators ran the serial number and found out it was stolen.

"Officers approach vehicles. Their lives are in danger so they take this very serious when they approach these vehicles. So anyone who has guns, especially if they are under the influence, they should not be operating a vehicle first of all. And they definitely should not be in possession of a firearm," said. Lt. Eric Hampton.

Investigators say Revels was originally charged with possession of a stolen firearm, but for now those charges are dismissed.

Investigators say while the gun is listed in a law enforcement database as stolen, it's possible Revels purchased it legally.

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