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ER visits connected to energy drinks double since 2007


New figures show Emergency Room visits due to energy drinks have doubled since 2007.

The number shot up from about 10,000 6-years ago to more than 20,000 two years ago.

Many of those patients were teens and young adults.

Doctors at Phoebe North say they've seen an increase in problems from the drinks.

They say there are healthier ways to get an energy boost.

"Certainly some of the more traditional caffeinated beverages that have a much lower amount of caffeine are always a suitable substitution, but also a lot of juice and things like milk and so forth can give you energy that sustainable throughout the day. Energy drinks give you a quick hit then drop you pretty quickly," said Dr. James Black.

Doctors say consuming too many energy drinks may lead to an increased heart rate, kidney failure, insomnia and seizures.


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