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Popular Valdosta restaurant burglarized


The Smok'n Pig is one of Valdosta's most popular restaurants. A Tuesday morning burglary was the first break-in in the restaurant's four years.

"This probably was something that wasn't on a Monday afternoon that they just up and decided let's go rob the Smok'n Pig, it made us feel that this was probably an event that they had been planning probably for several weeks," said VP of O'Neill Restaurants, Jennifer Sumner.

The thieves broke into the restaurant around 1:30 yesterday morning and stole an undisclosed amount of cash. They managed to go undetected for several hours.

"Investigators say these crooks knew exactly what they were doing, they cut two hundred phone lines and disconnected the security system.

The alarm never sounded, but the surveillance cameras were still rolling. Officials will not release the footage but say they are working on several leads.

"They obviously came in, knew exactly where they needed to navigate, so we feel like they had been in the restaurant, dining in the restaurant," said Sumner.

The General Manager says the burglary cost them a lot in damages, including how the crooks entered the building.

"Through a back door that we have, they busted the lock completely off I mean it wasn't just a group of people that didn't know, they knew what they were doing," said Ray Parr.

Other surrounding businesses were also inconvenienced when the crooks cut their phone lines too. It took hours for AT&T to repair the damage.

If you have any information on this break-in the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office asks you to call them at 229-671-2985.

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