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Renter's insurance for college students

Parents and students alike often overlook the very real threat of having expensive personal possessions stolen from housing at college.

Unfortunately, security and responsibility only get you so far in a dorm room or around campus, but there's one solution you might already own that could help save the day.

CJ Johnson learned his lesson early when someone stole his iPod several years ago.

"It was $300. After that, I try to keep everything pretty secure and locked up," said Johnson.

Not only does he keep his computer, phone and other electronics under tight security, but he makes a point to have renter's insurance in case his possessions are stolen or destroyed.

"I will have renter's insurance," Johnson added. "I'm moving into a new place soon. I had renter's insurance previously. Yeah, I think it's a good investment."

AAA spokeswoman Windy VanCuren says it's best for parents to buy a separate insurance policy that'll cover their kids' items whether they're living on or off campus.

"Renter's insurance policies are very affordable and very cheap," VanCuren said. "In the long run, if you spend $100 now, it's going to save you a lot of money should there be a fire or theft."

Depending on the best option, VanCuren says insurance companies usually have a plan that'll cover computers, TV's, game consoles, jewelry and other items.

Katrina Khalil has been the victim of a theft. Even though she doesn't have renter's insurance, Khalil still keeps her doors locked every night.

"I always think the worst. I guess maybe someone could come into my house," said Khalil. "Maybe your roommate's friend and see your laptop out and just take it, you know?"

AAA says it's best for students to have insurance because they can't keep their belongings with them every second.

In most cases, AAA says valuables such as computers, TVs, and DVD players are covered by parents' homeowner's insurance if the student lives in a college dorm.

Students who live off-campus will typically need to get renter's insurance. It's also a good idea to make sure your kids are covered by auto and health insurance before sending them off to school.

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