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Disabled puppy lost at rest stop

An animal rescue group in Jacksonville, Florida is offering a big reward to help finding a missing puppy with special needs.

Raleigh Raja is a four and a half month old Great Dane mix. He was traveling from Atlanta to Jacksonville with his new family.

When they stopped at the rest stop near exit 49 on I-75 the dog slipped out of his collar and got away. Raleigh Raja has had two eye surgeries and is scheduled for another this Friday.

TARAA director Jennifer Cosica says his ice blue eyes set him apart from other dogs.

"He's a beautiful dog, you can't mistake him from the first time he looks at you. He's very unique looking with those eyes. Like I said that's the biggest thing about him. Oh he is a big couch potato and likes any animal he meets, he's just a little bit shy with humans at first and he lives for his food if you just say treats, treats, time for treats he will be your best buddy and just be sitting beautifully and he is obedient trained as well. He's done very well with his training."

Contact the TARRA Animal Rescue and Adoption Agency out of Jacksonville if you find Raleigh Raja.

Their number is 904-253-3110 or email them at jaxtaraa@yahoo.com

They're offering a $1,000 reward to get the dog back.

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