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Oldest living Negro League baseball player talks Dr. King, Obama


A Living legend was in Moultrie Monday afternoon to celebrate the Life and legacy of Dr. King and the history President Obama made that day.

95-year-old Roosevelt Jackson is the oldest living Negro League Baseball player.

He was a player, scout and manager, playing with and managing dozen of Negro League teams in his time.

Jackson admits race relations are much different now than when he was growing up here in Georgia.

"In the bus station they had counters in the middle of the building. On one side, it had signs for colored and on the other side they had signs for whites. So you can tell now it's been a big change," said Jackson.

He Credits Dr. King and his efforts to unite the country no matter the color of skin.

Jackson experienced the change recently when he and a white friend helped each other get through a benefit race holding hands along the way.

"I went to thinking that Martin Luther King said one day that blacks and whites will be walking hand in hand and I said I'm a witness to that myself," said Jackson.

Now, Jackson says he's even more impressed to see an African American in the White House.

Something Jackson says he thought he'd never see in his lifetime.

"When I think about me being a grandson of a slave, I was more than overjoyed for him on both times he was elected into be president of the United States," said Jackson.

Jackson says he's more than happy to see the advancement of race relations in this country over the decades, although he feels things can be improved.

"We have come a long ways in a lot of areas, but I still feel like we got a good ways to go," said Jackson.

He hopes he'll be around long enough to see the change he desires.

Jackson lives in Buena Vista. He was recently inducted into the Negro League Hall of Fame.


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