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Man dies in well before after walls collapse


Rescue crews worked tirelessly throughout the night to try to rescue the 50 year-old Douglas man who was stuck in a well, but it was too late. He was trapped for nearly 20 hours.

"About 12 feet out, 12 feet out from the fence line right here," says Dave Callahan, neighbor.

County workers spent the morning filling the 15 foot hole that claimed a mans life with dirt and sand.

"They had some dirt on a semi truck last night so apparently they were going to cover it up when they got him out," says Ike Williams, Woodrow Sapp Water Management.

Rescue crews worked tirelessly for nearly 20 hours, trying to get to 50 year old Geronimo Delgado after a well he was digging in his front yard, collapsed around him. It happened around 11:30 Saturday morning.

"He was going to dig a well, to make sure he had some water, instead of coming out of a water meter, so he started digging and all of a sudden it caved in," says Williams.

One neighbor says he saw the whole thing happen.

"My theory is the hole was dug the day before, and he jumped in the hole, and I think when he first jumped in the hole, it was enough vibration cause the cave in," says Callahan.

The Coffee County Fire Department, and a special Georgia Search and Rescue team built stability walls to keep the large hole from collapsing even further.

"Just a faint scream because they were backing us away where we couldn't get too close," says Callahan.

Officials say Delgado suffocated before rescue teams were able to free him. His body was finally recovered early Sunday morning.

Woodrow Sapp Water Management was at the home today making sure the water was running.

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