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Gun rights activists busts gun myths


A gun rights group spent the day educated the public about firearms. The Southwest Georgia Shooter's Association held a media day for tomorrow's national gun appreciation day.

It's a response to President Obama's call for stricter gun laws after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

Members of the Southwest Georgia Shooter's Association discussed gun safety and responsibility. But they also tried to bust a few myths about guns.

Gun rights activist Steven Drew is running drills on the shooting range.

"This is you, I don't want to hit you, I just want to hit the bad guy," says Steven Drew, Southwest Georgia Shooter's Association Member.

A bad guy like Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza. Drew says drills like this may help prevent that kind of tragedy.

"What kind of gun you use doesn't matter, what matters is if you unarm people and create gun free zones where people get slaughtered, that is the problem," says Drew.

Drew has a problem with some of President Obama's proposals, including eliminating high capacity magazines and banning assault rifles.

"The concerns are politicians react to a dramatic and emotional shootings and killings, and then quickly and emotionally want to pass legislation that has long term, far reaching effects," says Drew.

Which affects Drew as a gun enthusiast. He says new laws only restrict people who obey them.

"If you could explain to me how you are gong to get criminals to go along with the law, then all those proposals sound wonderful, rape, robbery, and murder have been illegal for a long time, that doesn't seem to prevent people from committing them," says Drew. 

"Just a single shot, shot gun, only one round in the gun," says Drew.

He loads this gun with buck shot which spray multiple projectiles every time the trigger is pulled.

He's trying to demonstrate that you don't have to have a high capacity magazine to cause serious damage.

"The capacity of the firearm is irrelevant as it relates to most of the mass shootings that we have experienced, I don't understand why magazine capacity matters, when you are slaughtering innocent unarmed people who have been disarmed by the government because of where they are," says Drew.

But gun control advocates say it does matter, and high capacity magazines make it easier to kill multiple people. As the gun control debate goes on, Drew says he'll continue to exercise his second amendment rights.

Steven Drew says he and any law abiding gun owner would welcome legislation that would effectively keep firearms out of the hands of criminals.

On the first Sunday of each month, the Southwest Georgia Shooter's Association holds a drills competition at the group's range in Baconton.

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