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More car windows being broken by Albany crooks


Albany Police are dealing with a crime trend they say you could easily help prevent.

Thieves are breaking into more of the cars to steal valuables inside.

Until recently the majority of the thefts would be from cars left unlocked. But now crooks are smashing more windows or forcing doors. Investigators say thieves are targeting cars for valuables. And if you leave something they want out in plain sight, you could be another victim.

Tuesday night many members of the Dougherty High girls basketball team returned from an out of town game to find their cars broken into. 11 cars were damaged, 8 had items stolen from them. Victims say it's a crime that is not only expensive, but hurts personally.

 Dougherty High Girls Basketball Head Coach Charlene Jackson said "I just think it's ludicrous that other people working. Away working, have to come back and be subjected to this."

There were 12 entering autos reported to Albany Police Wednesday.  9 Tuesday.

APD says it's a crime trend they are concerned about.

Albany Police Media Manager Phyllis Banks said "It's a crime that is carrying over from '012 to '13.

Albany Police say the crooks are casing cars, and are more willing to break in locked cars.

 Banks said "We're starting to see where people are leaving valuables in their cars. They are securing their cars but leaving valuables in the car, and now criminals are breaking windows."

We went to a North Slappey shopping center parking lot, and in seconds found two cars with purses in plain sight. Police say that's what crooks are on the look out for.

Banks said "Right now we're seeing purses that are being taken. Cash. People still putting cash in purses in their cars. Weapons are still being left in cars."

And victims say it's a very personal crime to them.

Jackson said "We just don't appreciate people doing these type acts. It's very senseless and inconsiderate."

Albany Police say the best way to protect yourself, lock your car doors and don't leave any valuables in the car.

If you have to, lock your valuables in your car trunk, but Police say don't leave them in plain view. By the way, when we were shooting this story, the manager of the Big Lots store came out to check on what we were doing. He says they keep an eye on their customer's cars the best they can.

Albany Police say these entering auto crimes are happening in every district of the city, during both night and day.   And that it's not just expensive cars that are being targeted.


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