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T'ville fraud victim blames Zaxby's


A Thomasville man, who was a victim of debit card fraud, blames a trip to Zaxby's.

We told you Wednesday the fast food chain found suspicious malware on computers at more than 100 locations, including the Thomasville restaurant.

They warned customers that their credit and debit card numbers could be compromised, but one south Georgia man thinks they should have done more.

Elias Tsonos says the last time he used his debit card was at the Zaxby's on U.S. 19 in Thomasville around 11:30 Wednesday morning.

"This morning I saw a charge on my account for $9.64 to some, I won't say the name, but to some supposed doctor somewhere. Definitely did not come from me."

Tsonos did not want his face shown on camera, but says it's a good thing he checked his account when he did.

"I froze my account, contacted my bank this morning. They told me it's a good thing I did that because there is a $3,600 charge from Montreal, Canada getting ready to come through that we caught."

We spoke with Zaxby's CFO Blake Bailey Wednesday who said suspicious malware files were discovered at several locations across the country.

He said he had not yet heard of any specific reports of fraudulent activity, but advised all customers to continue to monitor their accounts.

"We've engaged a global data security firm and they're performing forensic analysis on the entire licensing system and they're working through that investigation right now."

The Thomasville location is one of more than 100 in 10 different states that had these suspicious files.

"I already sent an email to Zaxby's Corporate. I couldn't reach them this morning, but I will be calling the Attorney General's Office later on today," said Tsonos.

Tsonos says while his situation is annoying, it could have been a lot worse. "Fortunately I caught it early, but a lot of people don't keep an eye on their accounts like I do. If I hadn't caught it this morning, that $3,000 charge would have come through today."

The Thomas County Sheriff's Office says they will be investigating each of the fraudulent charges to try to find out where they came from.

We could not get a comment from Zaxby's corporate office Thursday on Tsonos's situation. 


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