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Gun sales increase as ban talks heat up


Gun sales were already spiking, but business jumped even more at many South Georgia stores, Wednesday.

One Lee County gun dealer says people are willing to pay more certain guns than ever.

On the heels of President Obama's announcement, attempting to ban semi-automatic weapons and high capacity ammunition clips, Georgia Loan and Gun Owner Steven Drew has been dealing with customers all day itching to get their hands on guns.

"The phone has rung constantly. I have nearly run out of handguns. I've sold AR-15's today and I'm struggling to try to find products to sell," said Drew.

Just a couple of weeks ago we visited the store in Lee County and his wall of Semi-automatic rifles was empty. Since then, he has restocked, but he says this supply won't last for long especially after the proposed ban.

"Semi-automatic rifles have been flying off the shelves, in all makes and all models. Any firearm that's capable of accepting a high capacity magazine has pretty much quadruple in price due to demand," said Drew.

Another highlight of President Obama's announcement was tougher penalties on gun traffickers.

"That is one of the things, I think professionally, where some progress will result on this issue," said Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards.

Something District Attorney Greg Edwards stands by along with some other improvements.

"We need to work on steps to keep guns out of places that they should not be. We need to do that by tougher laws and using technology by all means available to keep guns out of these places," said Drew.

"People who are doing illegal activities with firearms that undermine the freedoms of this country and that contribute dramatically to breaking the law absolutely needs stiffer penalties," said Drew.

As for an all-out ban, Drew says the President's proposal may cause unintended adverse consequences.

"If you ban all firearms you're going to create a black market problem just like when Alcohol was banned and just like when drugs were banned. It's going to create a huge market of imported firearms to meet the demand that you created when you outlawed them," said Drew.

While in Georgia Loan and Gun, a parent was buying a gun, but he said it wasn't for him.

He says it will be a gift for his child in the future so hopefully they can experience how it feels to own a gun, something the parent fears may not available in the future.


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