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Underwear shoplifters caught on surveillance video


Dougherty County Police are searching for two underwear crooks who were caught on surveillance video shoplifting.

Saturday, a man and a woman stole $70 worth of boxer shorts and T-shirts from a South Dougherty County Dollar General.

Investigators say shoplifting is an on going crime, and while the items in this case may not be significant, the impact of these continued crimes have a huge impact on South Georgia's economy.

Some people may think shoplifting underwear is not something that affects them, but thefts from stores costs some businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. And they pass those costs from the crime on to all the customers in the form of higher prices.  So in the long run it's you footing the bill. 

Take a look at this woman, stealing underwear at the Dollar General in the 2400 block of Liberty Expressway just after 2PM  Saturday. A man walks by the aisle, acting as her look out. Investigators think these two are professional thieves.

Dougherty County Police Sergeant Chad Kirkpatrick said "Yea, it appears this probably isn't their first time. They do this possibly for a living. This is another reason we want to get them off the streets."

The woman took 5 packs of Hanes T-shirts, and 4 packs of Hanes boxers, worth 70 dollars. She stuffed them into a shopping bag and walked out of the store. The man left seconds later. Employees watching the pair followed them outside and got a tag number as they drove away in a 2009 Chevrolet H.H.R.

Kirkpatrick said "there was a third individual, which appeared to be a black female operating the car. Of course we are still trying to identify all 3 at this time."

Investigators say these crooks may be hitting lots of stores in the area with small thefts.

Kirkpatrick said "Of course we're not sure why, but a lot of times people will take those types of products and sell them at local flea markets, and that sort of thing."

Not a big crime by itself, but when this happens on a steady basis businesses have to make up the thefts by raising prices for honest people to pay. So you and I end up as victims as well. That's why police are hoping you will take a look at these shoplifters, and help catch this pair who are taking money out of your pocket in the long run .

Police urge store employees or customers, if you see someone shoplifting in a store, do not confront them. They could carry a weapon. They recommend you call 9-1-1 and report it to store management.

Police found out that car was a rental, and their investigation is continuing.

If you can identify those shoplifters, you could earn a reward. Call CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS. 

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