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Ex-con uses note, crack pipe to commit robberies


Two bizarre Moultrie robberies in one afternoon were committed, police say, by an ex-con. That suspect is in jail  accused of robbing a video store and the technical college he attended.

But it was the object used in the school robbery that left even police shaking their heads.

"When a customer walks in we greet them an he didn't speak back at all," said Video Warehouse Manager Victoria Jarnagin.

She was behind the counter Monday afternoon not suspecting the unfriendly man was actually there to rob the store.

"He put a note up on the counter and I read it and I hesitated at the same time because I'm on the phone with my manager and there's a customer in the store," she said.

The man on store surveillance video, police say, is 23-year-old Justin Bivins. He just got out of prison a few months ago and apparently was not too concerned about going back.

The video shows him handing Jarnagin a letter that contained violent commands. "To basically give him the money or he was going to kill me and I gave him the money. The words "I'll kill you" were in bigger print. In capital letters," she said.

A few hours later, Bivins showed up at Moultrie Tech's Industrial Drive campus where he was taking GED classes. He wasn't there, though, to learn.

"He goes in and places an object against the rib cage of one of the employees there and tells them to give up the money. He takes the money, leaves, and runs into the woods behind the school," said Moultrie Police Investigator Freddie Williams.

A short time later a Norman Park Police K-9 tracked down Bivins who was hiding in the woods.

He admitted to smoking crack before his crimes, but confessed he didn't use a gun to rob the school. "He said the object he used was a crack pipe and not a firearm," said Bivins.

No drugs were found on Bivins who is charged with two felony counts of robbery. Officers did, however find some incriminating evidence.

They say Bivins ditched his clothes between robberies in a graveyard where he left a behind a notebook with his name and school information inside.

According to the Georgia Department of corrections, Bivins got out of prison in July after serving a nearly two year sentence on burglary charges.

Officials at Moultrie Tech didn't want to appear on camera but said they are cooperating with police in their investigation.

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