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Can Obama gun proposals make a difference?


President Obama signed 23 executive orders aimed at eliminating gun violence. Some folks are glad to the President's serious about his efforts, but others say it won't may any difference.

Some people were pleased with the President's call to action. "This is a step in the right direction," said Pat hunter. "At least this will get some people to stop doing those kinds of things."

But many gun owners oppose the president's plan. "In my opinion, as a gun owner and as an American citizen, it's just one of those rights that are being taken away," said  Jason Sheffeld.

"What Obama is trying to do with the gun law, is really not going to help anything,"  said Heather Rhoad .

Many folks say this is what they expected. "Four years ago, this same thing happened when the current administration first got elected," said  Sheffeld .

Actually, President Obama didn't propose any gun control legislation until the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School put the spotlight on gun violence.

Fear of a weapons ban is what sparked a gun buying frenzy, now, in some stores the shelves are bare, ammo is in short supply, and some weapons, are very hard to find. The president wants to ban assault rifles, like the AR-15, and magazines with more than 10 rounds.

It also led to record breaking year for gun carry permits. "This year we've had almost double the applicants just this month than we did in January of 2012,"   said Probate Judge Nancy Stephenson .

But the question is, will these tighter gun regulations keep these guns out of the wrong hands, and prevent another mass murder from occurring? Will this make a difference? "No its not," said Rhoade. 

"When someone is determined to do something like that, you can have all the bans you want but they are going to come up with a way to find a gun," said Sheffield .

He also called for more mental health counselors at schools and an expansion of mental health services at schools. He will also instruct the Centers for Disease Control to study the cause of gun violence and how to prevent it.

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