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Informant tip leads to coke bust


A Thomasville man was arrested on his back to town with all of the tools necessary to convert powder cocaine into crack.

Narcotics agents say an informant told them 33-year old Shondriquez James would be driving north on 319 towards Thomasville.

A deputy patrolling the area was asked to be on the lookout for James.

Agents say James' was found with several tin cups containing cocaine residue, baking soda, a whisk, and a small propane tank with a burner attached to the top.

"Cause you gotta have heat. So basically he was converting the powder into crack cocaine either in the car or he had done it elsewhere and was transporting it to another location, but any time you have propane cylinders in a car it can be dangerous," said Narcotics Commander Kevin Lee.

Agents say James also had $3,600 in cash in the car.

He is charged with cocaine possession with intent to distribute.


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