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Miller Co. courthouse renovated


The Miller county Courthouse is being renovated, a much needed change according to people in the community.

But the entire expense for the renovation isn't going to fall on the shoulders of the tax payers.

The focal point of Miller County is the square in Colquitt, which encompasses little historic shops and restaurants and then, there's the courthouse.

"Nobody ever liked the design of it, it just didn't seem to fit in with the rest of the town, there has been a lot of criticism over the years about the looks of the courthouse," says Walter Hayes, Miller Co. Courthouse Committee Chairman.

After the original courthouse burned down in the 70's, the only money they had to rebuild it was from the insurance company.

That led to construction of this courthouse, which is now being renovated.

"A group of us got together and thought we would try to raise some money and we went to individuals, we went to businesses, people who we thought would be interested in giving us money," says Hayes.

It took about 6 years, but they raised almost $125,000.

Members of the Miller County Courthouse Committee went to the Board of Commissioners with an offer to give the donations to the county if it would renovate the building.

"They appealed to the board of commissioners to put up the rest of the money to do the work," says Clyde Jinks, Miller Co. Commission Vice Chair.

Which was good news for taxpayers. It is going to cost $350,000 to complete the renovation, and because of the contribution, the county will only be responsible for $225,000.

"We all want to save tax money if we can, so we thought we would get it off the ground with the contribution, and then maybe the county would come in and help us which they have," says Hayes.

And even though the renovations are far from finished, many think it's already a big improvement.

The contract was given to CGM Construction in Colquitt. The renovation should be finished by April.

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