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Trash is the hot topic in Crisp Co.

Crisp County commissioners will hold another public hearing Monday night on the future of the county's trash collection.

County residents use 15 dumpsites throughout the county. A task force says people from other counties are using those dumpsites, costing Crisp County taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars by creating an overflow of garbage.

The task force recommends going to countywide curbside service, but some residents don't like that idea.

"We've presented our plan, the task force, but there are people out there who want to present another plan but they haven't come to the plate, yet. So we're hoping for people to come and listen and get educated," said Angie Ellis of the Crisp County Trash Task Force.

That hearing was held at the Government Center. Curbside service fees would be based on property value.

The dump sites are already taxed. The commission could vote on the matter as early as their next meeting.

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