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Suspected dog fighters arrested in T'ville


Two men are in jail and a third remains at large accused of fighting dogs in Thomasville.

Investigators say the three men ran from police Sunday afternoon after the officers walked up to a suspected dog fighting ring.

Animal Control officials say it's up to the community to help prevent these acts of cruelty.

Police say around 12:15 Monday afternoon an anonymous caller said they were hearing what sounded like dogs in trouble at the corner of Pine Street and Jerger in Thomasville.

"We recommend any citizen who hears or may think any sort of animal cruelty may be going on anywhere, give the police department a call. Allow us to come out and investigate," said Lt. Eric Hampton.

Police say when they officers were close to the area they heard dogs howling.

Once the officers approached the intersection, three men including 18-year old Robert Wright and 20-year old Jessie Henderson ran, leaving three dogs in this embankment.

"We don't have a lot of cases of dog fighting here in Thomasville. However we do get some complaints about it and those individuals who are caught in the act, they are arrested and they will be charged with cruelty animals," said Hampton.

Animal Control Director Pat Smith is leading a charge in Thomas County against animal cruelty incidents like this one.

"If any of them do survive, they may be missing an eye. May have lacerations all over them and we have seen a lot of dogs thrown on the side of the road because there is no use for them anymore."

Smith says one way to stop or prevent dog fighting is to recognize the signs.

"If you see, especially multiple dogs that are chained out, staked out, they are not together, they are separated, that's a sign. Another sign is if you see dogs with wounds or lacerations all over them."

Wright and Henderson were caught near the scene and are charged with cruelty to animals and obstruction.

Investigations say the third suspect is still at large.

Animal Control officials say for the safety of the dogs, and because it is an ongoing investigation, they will not release where the dogs were taken.


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