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Code Red Frightens Students, Parents


Dozens of frightened parents rushed to Albany High School after receiving texts from their children. A gang fight this morning in the parking led officials to lock down the school to protect the students and teachers.

 Parents tell us they received texts from their kids, who were frightened by news of the fight and who heard rumors there were guns in the school.

School officials say the fight behind Albany High School was gang related, and involved more than students.

Dougherty County School Public Information Officer R.D. Harter told us: "It involved quite a number of children and adults. At this time there are charges pending against students and adults."

School police and Albany Police quickly ended the fight. Albany High was locked down on Code Red for a short while, but frightened students called or texted their parents.

Debra Edwards said "I just got a call from my daughter telling me that she wants me to come pick her up. She had heard some rumors going around school."

One father showed me his text, the daughter saying she feared "The snakes and the bloods" had guns. There were no guns found in the school, but frightened parents came to check on their children.

Phyllis Williams said, " If I needed to pick my kids up. If they were in any danger or anything. But they say they got it under control , saying it got out of hand when kids starting texting. And it spreads like wildfire."

School administrators met the parents at the front door to assure them.

Victoria Wooden said "I just talked to my son. I just wanted to make sure he was OK, and he said that he was fine."

School officials say they intend to prosecute the fighters. Harter said "There are serious charges for people who bring violence or cause violence on a school campus. Who are not students or have no reason to be on the campus."

Most of the parents we talked to said they felt reassured the situation was under control. Even those parents who took their kids home today said they would return to class tomorrow.

Officials say some of the people involved in the fight were treated at the scene by paramedics, but no one was transported to the hospital. No one has been charged yet. School officials say administrators and police will keep a close watch around Albany High Tuesday to make sure there is no more gang violence.

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