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Thousand show up to buy guns


The Gun and Knife Show kicked off this morning in Albany and it's drawing a big crowd. People were lined up outside before it even opened, because many gun stores in Albany are sold out of certain guns and ammo.

Fear of tighter regulations and gun bans had people lining up for the Albany Gun and Knife Show.

"We had them this morning wrapped all the way around the building when they got here," says Edward Bracewell, Bracewell Guns Owner.

With gun rights in question it is no surprise thousands of people showed up, and most of them were looking for one thing.

"I bought an AR 15," says William Patterson, Gun Owner.

"An assault rifle," says Justin Moore, Gun Owner.

That's because assault-style guns and ammunition are nearly impossible to find.

"90% of the folks who are here are here for those guns," says Bracewell.

After the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, President Obama called for stricter gun laws. And since then gun sales are sky rocketing.

"If they are going to put a ban in place, I wanted to make sure that I had one prior to the ban so it wouldn't affect me," says Patterson.

William Patterson came to the gun show specifically for an A.R. 15.

"I use it mostly for target practice and you can actually use it for legitimate hunting," says Patterson.

But he is paying inflated prices this time around.

"I already have one, and the price compared to it, is triple to what I paid for it the ammunition has gone through the roof, it used to be, you could buy 500 rounds for $70 and now it is $400 for the same amount of ammo," says Patterson.

Gun rights activists say it's their right to own these guns and their ammunition.

"There are so many millions of these guns already on the market, it doesn't matter, if a crazy person is going to get a gun, it doesn't really matter what type of gun they get," says Patterson.

He says after all, the laws will only prevent law abiding citizens from buying assault riffles, but there will always be a black market for criminals.

The Albany Gun and Knife Show will continue Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM at the Hasan Shrine Temple on Palmyra Road. It costs 8 dollars to get in, and children under 11 are free.

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