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Albany gun show expects big crowds


One of the largest gun shows of the year in Albany will take place this weekend.

High demand has cleaned the shelves of guns and ammo at most of the South Georgia guns stores.

So thousands of people are expected for this weekend's gun show in Albany, looking to find one of the hard to find weapons. Since the Connecticut School Shooting, and President Obama discussing changes in gun ownerships laws, assault style guns and ammunition have been almost impossible to find, because so many people want to buy them. That's why thousands of South Georgians, are expected at the Albany Gun and Knife Show Saturday and Sunday.

Vendors wheeling in dolly loaded down with hundreds of guns. Organizers for the Albany Gun and Knife Show say the last two weekends their shows in .South Carolina and Atlanta brought out thousands of gun buyers.

GunRunner Shows CEO Larry Steverson said "Two weeks ago in Atlanta the line at 9 o-clock was wrapped all the way around the building. I'm talking about, we didn't get to the end of the line until 4 o-clock Saturday afternoon."

And he says people are looking for assault type weapons, handguns, and ammunition, and Steverson says the 200 vendors this weekend will have them.

Steverson said "These guys all have plenty of guns. I've got my biggest dealer going to be here this week. And I just talked to him yesterday, and he just placed a 19 million dollars order for guns."

They say the political fallout from Washington D.C. is why they know thousands of people will come money in hand to buy those guns, in case they are banned.

 Steverson said "Everybody's worried about the political atmosphere right now. What's going to happen with gun sales. Gun restrictions. Gun bans. Gun shows. We got too many anti-gun liberal politicians out there, is what it amounts to."

And Steverson says there is no gun show loop hole for background checks. All gun buyers at the show will have to pass a background check before buying, the only exception are Georgians with a concealed carry permit, and they have already passed the background check. 

The vendors tell us it's hard to find .223 ammunition and the assault type guns, and the prices have gone up because of the demand. The price for certain types of ammunition has doubled, but they say people at these gun shows have been paying the price.

The Albany Gun and Knife Show will be at the Hasan Shrine Temple on Palmyra Road Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM,  Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM. It costs $8  to get in, with children under 11 free.

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