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Do. Co. Interim Superintendent visits schools


Dougherty County's Interim school superintendent settled into his office Friday. The school board voted Wednesday to hire Dr. David Mosely. He says he is ready for the challenge and wants to focus on the positives the school system has to offer.

Dr. Mosely got right to work on Friday. He spent the day going from school to school, visiting with students and faculty, finding out what positive things each school is doing, rather than just focusing on the negatives.

Interim Superintendent Dr. David Mosely spent the day introducing himself to teachers and administrators in several Dougherty County schools.

Mosely says he's aware of the school board's issues and is excited to work with the board on moving forward.

"I don't look at it as a bed of roses, there are challenges but I like a challenge, and hopefully I have the experience base, to deal with that, and I am committee to excellence, I play by the rules, I expect my employees to follow suit in that direction to do things the right way the first time," says Dr. David Mosely, Do. Co. Interim Superintendent.

He is in the process of conducting research, by talking with school administrators and board members, to find out what problems need to be addressed.

"I tend to start from the strength end of the business, there are thousand of good employees in this school district, that are probably hungry for strong leadership and want things done the right way," says Mosely.

And he knows what it takes to get things done the right way. He's the former superintendent in Decatur County, Vidalia and Glynn County.

He also served as an interim superintendent for the Coffee, Mitchell and Carroll County school systems.

"It helps a great deal because you have been in a variety of circumstances and all situations are different but you glean things from each situation whether it be good, bad, or indifferent and you combine all that into a knowledge base," says Mosely.

A knowledge base he will use to get the troubled school system back on track. After all, he says it is all about the kids.

"The end result is the product, and the product is the children of this school district, that is who we really owe our loyalties to, we wouldn't have a job if it wasn't for the children, they wouldn't need us, so the commitment to them is first and for most to provide them the best opportunity for a good education," says Mosely.

Mosely visited 4 schools in the Dougherty County today. He plans to visit all schools in the district next week.

Board members will now start looking for a permanent replacement for former Superintendent Joshua Murfree who was released from his contract six months early in a mutual agreement with the school board.

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