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Huge weight loss competition to kick-off in Valdosta


Losing weight is a New Year's resolution for many of us.

There's a huge weight loss competition gearing up in south Georgia, challenging 500 people in Valdosta to lose 10,000 pounds in ten weeks.

Two years ago and many pounds heavier Brenda Walker had never stepped foot into a gym.

"I had elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, and so on and so fourth," said Walker.

Until she entered the YMCA's Team Lean weight loss competition. She lost 40 pounds in ten weeks.

"I didn't know this body was under all of those layers. But as I began to exercise the pounds came off and I started looking better and better, and once I saw my name #1 on the list, it was on then; I had to keep that lead," said Walker.

She won the competition and the $400 cash prize. And this year she's signing up again.

"Well to maintain and to look good," laughed Walker.  

This year the YMCA is challenging 500 people to lose 10,000 pounds in ten weeks.

To keep competitors motivated, they have to weigh-in once a week, and if they gain a pound they have to pay a dollar, and if they miss a weigh-in that's $5.

YMCA Fitness Director, Shelly Toth said, "It's a lifestyle change, they want to kick off the New Year right, and you just don't want to do it for the 10 weeks, you want to change the way you eat and the weigh you exercise, and continuously do it throughout the year."

The YMCA will help you shed the pounds with exercise and nutrition classes, and team motivation. Competitors can sign up in groups of four or five.

"Coming together that really helps, it's hard to do it alone," said Walker.  

Don't forget the winner takes home a large cash prize.

The competition kicks of Saturday at the Valdosta YMCA. It's $50 to enter.

Other south Georgia YMCA's are sponsoring competitions as well. So check with the Y closest to you if you're interested.

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