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Congressman Austin Scott talks debt ceiling


Now that Congress temporarily avoided the fiscal cliff, the next big debate will be over the country's debt ceiling.

One South Georgia Congressman is optimistic both parties can come together and work out a deal.

8th District Congressman Austin Scott met with constituents in Sylvester Tuesday night at an event put on by the Worth County Chamber of Commerce.

Scott says major spending cuts must be a part of any deal to increase the debt ceiling deal.

He says it's time for Democrats and Republicans to work with each other for the good of the country.

"I think both parties can work together, but I think Washington is too big. I think, if you look, the states have done historically a better job working together and that's because they have a balanced budget amendment to the constitution in most states that forces both sides to come together and come to an agreement. That's what we need in Washington, is balanced budget amendment," said Scott.

If Congress doesn't raise the federal government's debt ceiling soon, the government won't be able to borrow any more money to pay the debt it's already racked up.

In a worst-case scenario that could lead to a government shutdown and a downgrade of the country's credit rating which could seriously damage an already weak economy.


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