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Gun store shelves nearly bare

Jackie Sizemore, the owner of Backwoods Outdoors Jackie Sizemore, the owner of Backwoods Outdoors

Guns sales are skyrocketing across the nation. Folks are grabbing just about any gun they can get their hands on. And some folks are willing to wait for months just to get their hands on their weapon of choice.

Jackie Sizemore, the owner of Backwoods Outdoors says store employees are at gun shows right now hoping to replenish their stock, but they aren't seeing much relief, because they're only allocating certain amounts to folks.

From first time gun buyers, to seasoned hunters folks across the country are on a gun buying frenzy. They're wiping the shelves clean.

"Everybody wants a gun nowadays. I've been to a store in Cuthbert, they're wiped out. Particularly assault rifles or weapons considered assault weapons they're gone."

Sizemore says they've wiped him clean too. He's down to a quarter of what he normally has in stock. "A lot of shotguns, tactical shotguns 10-22s…" The 22's are the most popular. "They're the cheapest, they're easy to get and you can get a lot of ammo for a lot less money."

But they'll take whatever they can get. "High capacity magazines, concealable pistols, the whole range." And they're stockpiling. "I've had them buy $27,000 worth of guns and ammo, at one time and several times."

That's because people are scared. "Anytime you take away people's rights, they get concerned," said gun owner Chad Mullins.

Fear of tighter regulations and gun bans has folks pouring into gun stores across the nation. "Everyone is feeling like it's pretty urgent to get out and get a gun right now," Sizemore said.

But some guns are more popular than others, like assault-style rifles. And for those and others, be prepared to wait. "They're stockpiling, there is a lot of stockpiling going on."

Due to the popularity, Sizemore says he's held a raffle for his most popular weapon the AR-15, so he can be fair. "I might get some today; I might get some in two weeks. It's real tough right now."

He asks that folks remain patient, because things will eventually get back to normal.


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