Viewpoint: House District Changes

Most people we have heard from are completely disgusted about the recent Congressional mess over the fiscal cliff issues.

There is a pathetic lack of cooperation and any desire to negotiate with the other party.


We elect people to Congress to work together, negotiate and get deals done, not to stick stubbornly to immoveable pre-conditions like: "I will never do this", or "I will never agree to that".

This is a symptom of an illness in Congress, but it is not the root cause of the illness. The root cause of most of our problems is the lack of term limits on those we elect.

Those elected now are more concerned with staying in office to help themselves, rather than do the job we hired them for.

In a recent report by Nate Silver of the New York Times, take a look at what has happened to the House of Representatives regarding the number of swing districts- those won by about 5%.

In 1992 there were 103 competitive or swing districts. In 2012 it's down to only 35. 35 out of 435 districts that are actually competitive.

Now look at so-called landslide districts, those district races won by more than 20%. In 1992 there were only 123 districts. By 2012, it has almost doubled to 242.

This drastic change is because 75% of districts are Gerrymandered to favor one party, and assure their re-election.

The lack of term limits is the ultimate problem in Congress, that must be addressed!