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Shoplifter assaults Valdosta Police & flees


A Valdosta teenager is in jail tonight accused of assaulting police officers and escaping custody after he was caught shoplifting from Wal-Mart.

Valdosta Police say 18-year-old Spencer Lonon stole computer parts and video games from the store on Inner perimeter road Saturday afternoon. Wal-Mart Security and police detained him inside the store.

Police say Lonon assaulted officers, got away, and ran into the parking lot taking off his clothes.

He was captured, but on his way to the Lowndes County Jail, officials say he broke out the back window of the patrol car and fled again on Madison Highway.

This is YouTube video a witness posted showing multiple officers trying to capture Lonon.

"As soon as they attempted to place him under arrest Mr. Lonon began to resist arrest, he actually pushed officer Alvin May back and he actually hit the store manager, female, and then tired to force his way out of the security manager's office," said Cmdr. Brian Childress, VPD.

Off-duty officer Alvin May was shopping in Wal-Mart-mart and assisted security while back-up was called in. Lonon seriously injured May. The officer is recovering from a dislocated ankle and may have fractures to his leg. Lonon is charged with multiple felonies including shoplifting and aggravated battery.

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