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UPDATE: Douglas victims speak out on Dollar General shooting

Source: Facebook, Shanda Griffin Source: Facebook, Shanda Griffin

The victims of that violent armed robbery at the Dollar General in Douglas are speaking out.

The victim who was shot told us that not only did the gunman apologize to her; he also gave her, her money back and called 911 before fleeing the scene. 

Shanda Griffin is lucky to be alive after getting shot in the back while being robbed outside the Dollar General.

"I almost thought this was a joke at first, I was like is this really happening right now because nothing like that has ever happened to me before," said Shanda Griffin, Victim.

Griffin's night started off as any other night. She was waiting in the parking lot for her boyfriend, who's the Dollar General Manager. But the night couldn't have been any further from the norm.

Seconds after her boyfriend and his coworker closed the store for the night things took a terrifying turn.

"They ran up, one of them, the one who shot me, opened the passenger door, he ripped the keys out of the ignition, told me to turn the car off, I had picked up my purse and he said put your purse down and he took it from me," said Griffin.

Two men dressed in dark clothing with their faces covered put guns in their faces and forced them to get down.

"They got us to crouch down behind a vehicle so we were hidden from the road," said Griffin.

But Shanda wasn't going to give up without a fight

"He just kept telling me to get down he kept saying shut up, but I wouldn't," said Griffin.

The gunmen struck her in the head with his firearm to make her cooperate but it didn't work.

"I got really aggressive at that point and said don't put your hands on me again," said Griffin.

That's when he fired one shot that struck her in the lower back.

"Then I put my hand under my jacket and felt my shirt and my shirt was just soaked with blood and I was like looking at my hand and there was blood and I was like you really did shoot me," said Griffin.

The second gunmen forced her boyfriend back in the store to empty the safe

"I started to kind of panic at this point and I was like you really shot me and he was like oh my god, I shot you, I am sorry, I am so sorry he just kept saying that I am sorry," said Griffin.

Once the robbers got what they wanted they gave Griffin her money back and even dialed 911 before running off.

"They went off through this area here, this wooded area, we are not sure the exact direction because the victims weren't really watching," said | Investigator Randy Ryles, Douglas Police Dept.

Douglas police officers worked in conjunction with GSP and the Coffee County Sheriff's K9 unit to try to track down the robbers.

As for Griffin, she plans to spend more time with her family after this terrifying experience.

Police won't say how much money the suspects made off with and officials do not have any suspects.

If you have any information on this shooting, call the Douglas Police Department.

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