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Snowflakes for Sandy Hook


Thousands of paper snowflakes are on their way to Connecticut to bring joy to the kids at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

People all over the country are making them as part of the Snowflakes for Sandy Hook program.

Teachers at Sandy Hook will use them to line the walls of their classrooms to make going back to school enjoyable.

Lee County Elementary students only know minor facts about the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary.

They know that the kids there were hurt and that's why they spent the morning making paper snowflakes like this one to show compassion for those fellow students.

After the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting, many Americans wondered what they could do to help.

"The children have learned the golden rule here in the classroom, tear others the way you want to be treated, and our hearts just broke when we found out what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary, so we wanted to send them some love, full in the form of snowflakes," says Julie Scott, Kinchafoonee Primary School Kindergarten Teacher.

Lee county Elementary school students have been working hard making paper snowflakes as part of a national campaign called "Snowflakes for Sandy Hook".

"To show love for the people who got hurt," says Malachai Ali, Kinchafoonee Primary School Student.

"To go back into a school, especially after a tragedy that has happened, students need to feel love, they need to feel acceptance, and they need to feel that there are people in the world who are good and that care for them," says Scott.

Miss Atlanta Carly Mathis helped get southwest Georgia schools involved in the program. She heard about the program from her best friend who lives in Connecticut.

"Her cousins went to sandy hook elementary and one of her cousins was actually in the first grade class where the teacher was shot and killed," says Mathis.

Sandy Hook teachers will hang these snowflakes in their new school to make it a winter wonderland for the children.

"They are going to hang it everywhere," says Ali.

"So when they walked in it would be a winter wonderland, and they would be very excited to return to school since they have had such a hard time before just something to make them a little happier and put a smile on their faces," says Mathis.

Smiles that will hopefully help the community heal.

Lee County Elementary School sent their snowflakes today and Kinchafoonee Primary will send their snowflakes on Wednesday.

The goal is to get all the snowflakes, from across the country, to Connecticut by January 12th.

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