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Armed Robber Sentenced to 13 years

Kendrick Powell pleaded guilty to the crime after initially refused to give up his accomplices Kendrick Powell pleaded guilty to the crime after initially refused to give up his accomplices

One of three men accused of beating and robbing a store clerk last summer is going to prison. Kendrick Powell pleaded guilty to the crime after initially refused to give up his accomplices, but he implicated at least one of them prior to sentencing.

The robbers netted $11,000 from the Neighborhood Grocery Store. It was robbery that was all caught on surveillance cameras. Five arrests were made but the money was never recovered.

But facing a hefty sentence, Powell did some last minute talking.  Powell walked into the courtroom facing a possible life sentence.

Powell admitted to the court he was one of three gunmen who ambushed two clerks in late June as they closed up the Neighborhood Grocery Store on Johnson Road.

Prosecutors played the surveillance video for the court showing Powell and two co-defendants forcing Ahsan Ayez inside the store at gunpoint. "When they get him inside, not only do they want to get the money but they continue to beat Mr. Ayez for no reason," said Matt Breedon, Asst. Dougherty District Attorney.

 Ayez was in the court and testified about the night of the robbery in which $11,000 was stolen. Its money prosecutors say was never located.

Police did however locate the blue jump suit prosecutors say he wore the night of the robbery and the revolver used in the crime. "This isn't a remorseful defendant. Someone who is atoning for their crimes," said the ADA.

Emotional though when his grandmother spoke on his behalf "God loves you. God cares for you and so do I," she told him.

Before sentencing Judge Richard Porter gave Powell a final chance to give up the whereabouts of the stolen money. "Angelica Kimbro," he said.

His girlfriend was already indicted for being a party to the crime. Prosecutors say jail house phone calls revealed she played a part in handling the money.

He did not however implicate the co-defendants Khidyer McDonald and Greg Harris who are awaiting trial.

On the count of armed robbery, Judge Richard Porter announced the sentence. "I'm going to sentence the defendant to 13 years in the state penal system." That to go along with five years for possession of a firearm during a crime.

It wasn't the maximum, but it means this young man likely won't get out of prison until he's in forties. Powell was also sentenced to 20 years probation for kidnapping and aggravated assault which will be served concurrently.

Powell's mother was also arrested for hindering with a police investigation. The other defendants in the case are awaiting trial.

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