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ADDU dashcam shows cocaine tossed in river


Albany Dougherty Drug Agents say the suspect raced against traffic on busy East Oakridge Drive at speeds up to 85 miles an hour before he stopped and threw a kilo of cocaine into the Flint River.  And it was all caught on police dashcam video.

On South Jackson at East Oakridge the drug suspect got more desperate as two ADDU patrol cars were right behind him. The cameras in those two cars show how fortunate it was that no one was hurt before he was stopped.

Video from the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit shows law enforcement move in to stop that 2013 Dodge Challenger. 

Just after four drug agents tried to pull over that car for traffic violation, but he started this five minute long chase.

After running through the store parking lot, the suspect heads up the wrong side of Oakridge and then into the divider lane.  Reaching up to 85 miles an hour, look at the cars he speeds by on both sides.

Suddenly as he reaches the bridge over the Flint River, seeing cops ahead, the suspect cuts hard left, over the curb.

From the second ADDU car now, you can see the patrol car right behind the drug suspect, and then he cuts across traffic.  Watch as the driver jumps out of the moving car and throws a package into the river.  Then he immediately surrenders.

That driver was 43 year old Gregory Greene of Albany.  And he threw  a kilo of cocaine worth about $120,000 off the bridge.  But what Greene did not realize, the coke was vacuum sealed in several layers of plastic wrap and freezer bags, and then coated with bees wax. 

ADDU Commander Major Bill Berry said "Because it was so well sealed, you could not get any kind of odor from it.  And that also prevented it from taking on water or absorbing water and sinking.  And it just floated right around."

While drug agents watched the package from the bridge, the Albany Fire Department rescue boat was called in and picked up the package from the shore of the river.

Greene is being held in the Dougherty County jail without bond, and would not give drug agents any information.

Federal Drug Agents are working with ADDU now to get more information about this large amount of cocaine in Albany.

Berry said "We got this one from where it may have been going.  But my concern is where it came from.  And that's what DEA Columbus and we are concerned about and looking into."

A frightening chase that fortunately ends well, with no one hurt, and a large amount of cocaine, intended for South Georgia streets, floating into custody.

Drug agents suspect say that cocaine package was sealed so tightly, so that drug sniffing dogs could not pick up its odor.   But that good packaging prevented Greene's attempt to destroy the evidence.

Greene is charged with trafficking in cocaine and 21 traffic violations including several super speeder violations. 

Drug agents fingerprinted the package to see if they can determine who else may have handled it.


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