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When in doubt: GIFT CARDS!


For some they're a quick and easy present for a hard-to-buy-for loved one. Others think gift cards are impersonal gifts. Whether you like them or not, those cards were hot items for shoppers this holiday season.

If you are got a card you think you'll never use there's a way to trade it in for something you will use. Lucas Rivera Jean Fisher Kay Hatcher Noah Fisher

Every year, gift cards are one of the most popular gifts to give because they're convenient and allow the gift giver to know you can purchase exactly what you want. "That way you know they will like what they got, you know it fits, you know they are going to wear it if its clothes and you know they are going to listen to it if it's music," said Jean Fisher.

"You don't have to tell them what you want," said Lucas Rivera. "They can just give you the money and let you buy whatever you want."

But for some it's not as personal or as fun as receiving a wrapped present that was picked out just for you.  "I like actually buying gifts. I like to buy gifts. I like to see people open them. That's just me," said Kay Hatcher.

That's where websites like Plastic Jungle and Gift Card Rescue come into play.

Say you got a gift card to a store that isn't in your area or somewhere that you'll never spend it. Websites like these allow the card holder to buy, sale, and trade their gift cards with a minimum penalty.

"You just get them anywhere and spend them on whatever you need," said Noah Rivera.

 Most websites require you to have a minimum dollar amount on your card ranging from $5 to $25 and some will even pay up to 93% of the cards total worth. So if one of those people who didn't get the perfect gift card this year, fear no more.

A couple quick clicks and you can get the cash you wished you would've gotten this Christmas.

Gift card experts urge anyone who plans to buy sale or trade their cards online to make sure it's one that has been verified beforehand.


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