Viewpoint: Set realistic goals

As we enter each New Year, we set a number of goals, declaring that we are going to do 'this' or 'that,' ending up with something that reads a lot like a grocery list of things we want to accomplish.

For a fresh perspective, let me encourage you to set a life resolution with a list of items you can complete each year.

Instead of setting enormous goals, consider setting more obtainable goals that are not so far-reaching that you would become discouraged if you did not complete the entire list.

You can set reachable goals by doing a few things: First of all, only set 3 or 4 goals.

You're more likely to stay on track to complete them that way;

Secondly, stay focused as you'll need that focus to stay true to your goals;

Thirdly, set boundaries and make adjustments as you move through the year. Lastly, remember to be yourself.

This means running in your own lane and learning to say no.

And perhaps the most important piece: Never stop dreaming and believing.