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Serious about a New year's resolution?

Kris Morrill, World Camp Crossfit Owner Kris Morrill, World Camp Crossfit Owner
Phillip Arnold "Before" Phillip Arnold "Before"
Phillip Arnold now Phillip Arnold now

Have you made a new year's resolution for your health? Nearly half of all Americans make one or more new year's resolutions. But, how long are you likely to keep those self-made promises?

Many New Year's diet and fitness resolutions fail, but Phillip Arnold is one of the success stories.

"I was weighing right at 327 pounds when I started and I barely made it through the first workout, I threw up a couple of times, it was really intense," says Arnold.

It has been about one year and he now weighs 194 pounds, and he owes it all to World Camp Crossfit and a healthy lifestyle which he started after making a 2012 New Year's Resolution.

"I think resolutions are important if they are done for the right reason. I did mine because I have two sons, I have a 15-year-old and I have a 7-year-old and they wanted to be like dad. They wanted to wrestle, and I couldn't even go outside and throw a ball with them without gasping for breath, and now I run them into the ground. They can't keep up with me," says Arnold.

Health experts say that although getting active is healthy, doing too much too quickly is not, which is why many people who make health resolutions fail. "The danger to that is they feel like they should be able to accomplish these goals so quickly and when they don't they get frustrated and they fall off," says Kris Morrill, World Camp Crossfit Owner/ Head Coach.

He says it is important to stage your goals and make them realistic. "So maybe for the first four weeks, 'My goal is to just go to the gym three times a week,' the second four weeks, 'My goal is to go five times a week,'" says Morrill.

For Arnold, it was his motivation that pushed him to keep going. "I did this for me, for my family, for my sons, that was the most important thing, I wanted my family to know that I love them that much that I was going to put in the commitment for them," says Arnold.

Which is what keeps him committed even one year later. Phillip Arnold adopted a Paleo Diet to help him reach his weight loss goal. It mainly consists of protein, fruits and vegetables.

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