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Puppies drown in Moultrie burglary


A burglary investigation at a home in Moultrie led to a disturbing discovery.

Officers searching for clues found 3 dead puppies. They had drowned, a cruel act apparently carried out by the suspect.

It's a crime that's become the talk of the neighborhood.

"Puppies, I mean what can puppies do to a person," said Brenda Redden, Neighbor

How could anyone hurt an innocent puppy?

"They hadn't even been weaned from what I've been told, I mean these were puppies and they killed all three of them whoever this person is," said Cpl. Dave Underwood, Moultrie Police Department

And for no apparent reason, 

"That's cruelty and that isn't right," said Ricky Breland, Neighbor

Those puppies belonged to Carl Dawson,

"I buried them over there," said Carl Dawson, Dog owner.

And over the weekend, someone killed his three puppies when they broke into his home.

"Well I was just working and I came home and everything was messed up," said Dawson.

Police found the puppies once they arrived on scene.

"They found them in the bathroom, in the tub, a large garbage can filled with water and the three puppies had been drowned," said Underwood.

Neighbors can't believe someone would commit a crime so senseless,

"Those puppies deserved to be loved just like people," said  Redden.

So disgusting.

"Those puppies didn't deserve that," said Redden.

And so cold hearted that it's beyond disturbing.

"I don't see how a person can sleep doing that to pets," said Redden.

"Yea, they intentionally drowned these puppies," said Redden.

"Puppies I love puppies, I got cats at home that are like my best friends," said Breland.

It's concerning to police too.

"That's not right, it's wrong, it's just wrong," said Underwood.

Police have a person of interest, but still need the publics' help.

"They will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law," said Underwood.  

Police hope whoever is responsible is man enough to come forward.

The person responsible is facing charges of criminal damage to property and 3 felony counts of animal cruelty.

If you have any information on this crime, call the Moultrie Police Department.

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