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Charitable donations pick up before end of year


As the year comes to an end, donations pick up at Goodwill and the Salvation Army. Donating to charities not only helps those in need, but it can help you save some money.

Many people are using this last day of 2012 to clear out old items for a fresh start to the new year and to it doesn't hurt that they also get a tax break.

Organizations in Albany that help those in need were busy as hundreds of people donated what they no longer need.

"Pretty much they have been coming about every 15 minutes or so it will definitely be a lot"

Patrick Infante brought a trunk full of items to Goodwill. He's happy it will go to good use.

"I just brought some things from the closet that I couldn't wear anymore, my son couldn't wear anymore, and just figured we would go ahead and donate them"

He says it is nice to give what he can during the holiday season.

"Well like anything else, if I am not going to use it, someone else should, and granted Christmas was last week but it is the time of the year when this is what you want to do," says Infante.

Many wanted to get their donations in by the end of the day so they could get a break on their 2012 income tax returns.

"The last day of the year for tax right off's for 2012, so it will be a pretty busy day for us," says Crystal Kegler, Salvation Army Family Store Manager.

"It is almost the end of the year, and I need that tax deduction, and I wanted to help someone in the process," says Priscilla Davis.

Davis dropped off bags of clothes and got this receipt in return.

"Once they bring the items in, we write out a general receipt, whether it be clothing, food, toys, shoes, what have you, and we write that general receipt, their name, and address, and we date it and sign it," says Kegler.

That way you are able to give to others while getting something in return.

But if you didn't make it by the end of the day, drop by in the new year. They give receipts all year long.

The money made by the sale of those items goes into job training and placement at Goodwill.

This year, Goodwill placed over 700 people in jobs in Southwest Georgia through the Goodwill Career Center.

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