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Man burglarizes multiple Berrien Co. homes, charged


An accused serial burglar is out of jail on bond tonight as investigators search for his suspected accomplices.

Investigators say a Colquitt County teenager went on a pre-Christmas crime spree in Berrien County, breaking into homes and stealing Christmas presents and other items.

They don't think he worked alone.

19-year-old Raheem Sims is accused of breaking into six homes in Berrien County, five of those in 36 hours, just days before Christmas. And Berrien County investigators caught the thief after they found his fingerprints left at the scene.

"In 27 years this is the second one that I can actually say we used latent prints," said Lt. Wayne Luke, Berrien County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators found Sims in his hometown Colquitt County and arrested him last Friday. Mike Gremillion's daughter owns one of the homes Sims broke into.

"They didn't know that the windows and everything had just been cleaned by my daughter and granddaughter, and there were three sets of finger prints on there and one of the sets was one of the guys that had broken in," said Gremillion.

Lieutenant Luke says all of the homes were burglarized during the day when the residents were away at work.

Deputies day these guys were looking for anything and everything they could get their hands on, in this home they stole the man's guns and even his clothing.

In another home investigators say Sims went as far as unwrapping the Christmas presents.

"They came and took Christmas presents and things like that from little kids and from parents that don't have the extra money to go out and replace them," said Gremillion.

Two homes in Gremillion's Earnest Sumner Road neighborhood were targeted. He says he's thankful one of the crooks was caught.

"The quiet part is the nice part, that's why we like the country. The downside to that is you don't really have anyone watching your homes and things."

Sims is charged with 12 counts, including six counts of burglary. Unfortunately no stolen items were recovered, investigators say Sims had already sold everything on the streets.

Sims posted an $80,000 property bond yesterday to get out of jail.

Investigators expect to make more arrests soon.

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