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Entering a new year, with a new school board


Three members of the Dougherty County school board took their oath of office today, including two new board members.

Board members say they're optimistic about 2013, because they're confident this new board will work together and make important decisions needed to help the system move in a positive direction.

"I feel that how hard I worked all summer to get elected is going to be mild in comparison with what I need to do from here on out," said newly elected board member Lane Price. 

But now newly re-elected Board Chairman James Bush and new members Lane Price and Robert Youngblood have a lot of work ahead.

"This is serious, we are being entrusted with millions in tax payers dollars but more importantly We are being entrusted with at least 16,000 school children in our school system," said Price.

Board members are optimistic, this new group will work together and get things back on track.

"Those children must get an education, that money must be spent wisely and honestly," she said.

They'll be put to the test right away, when they select an interim superintendent.

"That will set the tone," said newly elected board member Robert Youngblood.

Board members interviewed three candidates for the job. Now, they will need to come together and pick the person they think is capable of leading the board best.

"I feel we have found the person who is the right fit for what we need," said Price.

"I can't help but believe this is going to help make a big difference and turn the board to what it was years ago when I first started working for them," said Tommy Coleman.

School Board attorney Tommy Coleman has represented the board for 17 years, but recently he's witnessed the divide, and he's experienced the negative impact first hand.

"When that happens its difficult for an attorney, to know who to turn to help make decisions."

Once an interim is chosen, board members can focus on other important issues like school security and curriculum.

Board members wont agree on everything, but they share a common mission, "That's the bottom line, our children." said Chairman James Bush.

Next up, the new board will meet and decide who will be the new interim superintendent.


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