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Viewpoint: As the calendar flips over

As we begin the new year, we should also take time to reflect on the past year.

How did your year go? Did you do the things you planned to do in 2012?

Did your resolutions come true? Or were they pushed aside and forgotten as you got too busy, too tired, or just disinterested?

Most likely, not all of your goals were met. But that doesn't mean you failed.

We prefer to look at this way. My successes were not as great as I had hoped. But now the calendar has turned. We encourage you all start anew with those new year's resolutions.

But this time, put some real thought and effort into it. If your resolution is to get a raise or a promotion at work, or lose 10 pounds, don't just think it or say it, make a plan, write it down, make the effort.

Then maybe when the calendar turns again and you ask yourself, did 2013 go as planned?

Your answer will be "YES IT DID."

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