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Stolen flag/pole... really wasn't


Folks in Nashville first thought that crooks stole a Confederate flag and the flagpole from a Confederate memorial.

Turns out that the pole broke, and it and the flag were taken inside for storage until repairs could be made. 

The Berrien County Courthouse confederate memorial has been there for ten years.

The Sheriff's Office started an investigation when it was thought that the pole had been stolen.

Before the truth was known, one man who helped create the memorial says this is a big disappointment.

"Whoever did it is insulting a lot of good people of the past. I don't think they're realizing what they're doing. If they would've read the stone before they took it, they probably wouldn't have took it," said Jeff Futch.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans Berrien Light Infantry raised the money to build the $18,000 monument.

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